The Day I Died

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! I’m Magdalena; I am 36 years old and currently based in Munich.

The first 30 years of my life were a succession of beyond-bad-luck stories. I have experienced a lot of negative things in my life and a lot of painful emotions. I had a difficult childhood; my parents divorced after fighting an ugly battle when I was 10 years old. After the divorce, I moved with my mother to a foreign country where I grew up, thousands of miles away from my older sisters and the rest of my family. And as if that was not enough, after my graduation, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Finally, after more than a decade of fighting for my life and winning the battle against cancer, my parents passed away. Broken and hurting from the early years of my life, I entered the adult world, penniless, jobless, and alone. I understand how painful life can be.

It was exactly at this hopeless point where I found strategies to turn my tragedy into triumphs. Now I live the life that I have always dreamed of; it is in this prosperity and happiness where I want to share with you my experiences – to help you turn your tragedies into triumphs. I truly believe we have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other. We need to do whatever it takes to succeed, to serve, and to live a life of meaning. My goal is to help YOU think better, feel better, and live better. To encourage you to keep going, no matter how your life circumstances are.

Most of us live a comfortable life. You have security, a nice house, a decent job but are you truly happy? Did you live fully? Would you regret any moments in your life were you to come face to face with death today? I want to encourage you to keep going and to follow your dreams – to create a happy and regretless life. I am firmly convinced that everyone knows there is more to life. You know you are being called to do something greater – and it’s easy to get started on your own journey. Commit to doing what is necessary. Take small steps. Break it down. Keep going and never give up! If I can do these things, so can you. You do not have to be brilliant. You do not need a degree. You only need to decide and act. You start by believing in yourself and taking action!

It is your time, so get moving!


The Day I Died

My life is the best example to be described as unpredictable. With so many highs and lows, each experience left me wiser than before. But there was one touching moment that changed everything and altered the core of my faith and beliefs.

We all have that one life-changing experience which altered our perspectives and the way we viewed the world, that one moment that hit us so hard and brought about a significant and fundamental change in who we were.

But to understand who I am and how my life-changing event helped me become a happier and better human being, let me share my story.

At age 19, I just graduated from high school and started to study psychology, I was diagnosed with a very rare form of breast cancer. It was a huge shock and turned my life upside down. Dealing with that and going through the treatments, a few chemotherapies and a long recovery was not easy at first but I learned to cope with this. The treatment worked, lucky me,  but during my second chemo I was a little bit careless. Although the doctor has not allowed it, I went for few days to a company event in Italy. It was a huge incentive where my former company was celebrating and rewards their best sales employees and I was one of them. I was working so hard for my goals, so I decided to attend the event despite of my doctor’s warning. And it was an amazing event, we sailed along the beautiful Italian coast with the yacht of my former boss, but suddenly I felt a little tired, and lay down on the ship’s bow for a short time to rest -this was my last remembrance.

I learned later that I was collapsed and airlifted to the next hospital. I can not remember what happens in the helicopter on my way to the hospital but I remember everything that happened while I was gone from my body when I finally arrived at the hospital. First I heard loud and very excited voices but it was like an echo, very far away. The doctors checked my pulse: but there wasn’t one – I was medically dead. I was aware that they were moving around me and plugging me on oxygen, but it was like a dream, I couldn’t really feel it. At the same time as my hearing went away it started to become black around the edges, moving towards the center. It felt like I was falling asleep. In that one moment between life and death, I asked myself “Did I really live fully?“ And I was unhappy with the answer, because the answer was „no“. In this Moment a deep, powerful emotion of regret and disappointment tugged at my mind. I thought about all the unused chances, the countless hours of wasted time, all the things I had dreamed of doing but had never been focused enough to give priority to. And then everything was just quiet and peaceful. My last conscious thought was „Is this the end? Is everything over now? That’s what dying feels like? Hmm… It’s interesting.” I didn’t have an out of body experience, I did not see a light. After everything went black, there was nothing.

I woke up in intensive care later, where they told me that I had died for 8 minutes and came back to life. I realized that I had never really lived before, and the experience made me get serious about doing so. I received a second chance at life and I swore I would earn it. So I did.

What I learned on this day changed me forever and set me on a path of passion and purpose. It changed my entire life and every single part of my understanding of the universe and our existence. It changed the way I look at my life, the way I handle relationships, my career, everything. And it encouraged me to turn my life around, to live to my fullest potential and follow my dreams.

My purpose now is to share my thoughts about living a life of happiness and to inspire you to come with me as we figure out how to fill life with purpose and meaning and deep abiding joy.

Until next Time.

xo, Magdalena


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